Guide to RVs

  • Keep a pet

    Although this comes with a lot of responsibilities and you have to take a little extra care of the animal then when you keep a pet in a standard household but keeping a pet as your RV partner is something which will keep you busy. Many people who have adapted to RV living keep pets […]

  • Keep track

    Keeping a travel journal is a good hobby to opt while living an RV life. As you go through all different places and cities around the world it is good to record your adventures in a travel journal. You might never know how amazing you will feel when you read about your journey and feel […]

  • Collect

    Another great hobby to start can be collecting something while you are on the road. You can collect some souvenirs from the places you visit, coins, stamps, postcards, maps, etc. Many people keep collections of things from the places they visit and it keeps them busy and motivated at the same time.

  • Capture moments

    “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Buy a camera and start compiling photos from all the exciting places you visit and see while on the road. It is always great to capture some of the great moments to make them memorable forever. Some people also like to keep photo journals or compile albums of their […]

  • Full-Time RV Living: Living in Adventure

    Sometimes the “Standard life” is boring and you just want to quit and move to something different yet exciting. Many people around America have moved to camper living or motor living in pursuit of a simpler and less burdened life. The price of living has soared high over the past couple of years and people […]

  • Perks of RV Living

    RV Living is a becoming popular among people after every passing day. It is reported that nine million people have quit their lifestyles and opted for this adventurous life. People live in camping motors or trailers equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. There are many perks of living in an RV […]

  • Read a book

    It is said that a good book is like a good friend and never makes you feel lonely. While living in an RV, you have all the time on your hands and very little to do. You can keep a collection of some good books and read them whenever you are bored. You can buy […]

  • Fun Things to Do to Enjoy the RV Life

    RV life is quite different from the standard life. Even though traveling around in your RV and sightseeing is something that almost never makes you get bored but still if you have opted for a full time or long term RV life then sometimes you might feel a little boxed up and the walls of […]